To get a UK driving licence from passing the theory then taking driving lessons after a practical test, the whole process is expensive and stressful. To pass a theory exam, the test center doesn’t make any difference, however for the practical driving test, pass rates depend on which test centre you attend. So finding a good practical driving test center makes your chance higher to succeed otherwise your expenses will continue to grow higher due to taking more lessons and another test. A practical driving test center with a higher pass rate can give you more chances to get your licence sooner.

Based on DVSA recent pass rate statistics, here you will find the top 10 best (Higher pass rate) and top 10 worst (Lower pass rate) driving test centers.

Top 10 places with highest pass rate 

Test Centre Tests Conducted last 3 month Pass Rate


1 Inveraray 53 84.9
2 Mallaig 18 83.3
3 Gairloch 24 83.3
4 Pitlochry 93 78.5
5 Isle of Mull 18 77.8
6 Lochgilphead 110 75.5
7 Llandrindod Wells 464 74.1
8 Ullapool 38 73.7
9 Islay Island 29 72.4
10 Ballater 144 70.1

Top 10 places with lowest pass rate

Test centre Tests Conducted last 3 month Pass Rate %
1 Birmingham (The Pavilion) 2,338 29.6
2 Birmingham (South Yardley) 6,916 32.3
3 Speke (Liverpool) 4,858 32.6
4 Enfield (Bancroft Way) 67 32.8
5 Erith (London) 4,710 33.5
6 Belvedere (London) 4,320 33.8
7 Leeds 4,995 33.8
8 Barking (Tanner Street) 4,045 34
9 Wolverhampton 7,961 34.3
10 Leicester (Cannock Street) 8,709 34.5

We also analyze the factors of pass rate of all these test centers. As we can see, test centres located in major cities with complex junctions and high traffic density tend to offer the least chance of passing the driving test. Otherway 10 best means higher pass rate test centers located in rural areas where less traffic and less complicated road systems. So making a better chance to pass a driving test, our driving test routes will certainly help you.